İşlevci Çeviri Kuramlarının Sözde Çeviriye Uygulanabilirliği Üzerine Bir Araştırma
Research on The Applicability of Functional Translation Theories to Pseudo-Translation

Author : Mehmet Cem Odacıoğlu
Number of pages : 248-255


Pseudotranslation is a method of writing that is published as a translation though it is not a genuine translation and is performed for ideological, cultural or social reasons. In pseudotranslation it is not necessary to translate between a source and a target text because there is not a linguistic and cultural transfer between two languages but a creation of a so-called translation which is in fact a source text. According to Toury, every text which is published with the assumption that it is a translation should be called translation. At this point, a question arises: What is the position of the translation theories that are either applied to facilitate the linguistic and cultural transfer between the source and the target text or that are used to make descriptions of translations of a certain period or culture for information in pseudo-translations? In other words, if pseudo translation is a kind of translation, then does anyone have to apply translation theories in writing such texts? Based on these questions, this study discusses the applicability of functional translation theories to pseudotranslation by giving examples from Nihal Yeginobali’s Genç Kızlar so as to make the study concrete.


Pseudotranslation, translation theory, pseudo translation theory, Nihal Yeğinobali, Genç Kızlar.


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