Analysis of Reading Texts in Turkish Course Books for Foreigners in the Context of Text Types, Originality of Texts and Inclusion of Cultural Elements: The Example of Istanbul Course Book Pack for Foreigners
Yabancılar için Türkçe Ders Kitaplarındaki Okuma Metinlerinin; Metin Türü, Metinlerin Özgünlüğü ve Metinlerde Geçen Kültür Ögeleri Bağlamında İncelenmesi: İstanbul Seti Örneği

Author : Ümit Yıldız - Gülsüm SERTOĞLU - Afra Nur DEMİROK - İbrahim KİRLİ
Number of pages : 380-401


In this study, the reading texts in İstanbul Course Book Pack for Foreigners were analyzed in terms of text types, originality/characteristics and inclusion of cultural elements. These dimensions were analyzed by using document analysis technique. The data collection process started with the identification of the reading texts in the İstanbul Course Book Pack for Foreigners (B1, B2, C1+). The identified texts were classified according to their types. Text originality/property case was been identified and divided into categories under the headlines of “original text" and "custom text". In the last stage, the inclusion level of the cultural elements in the reading texts in İstanbul Course Book Pack for Foreigners (B1, B2, C1+) was determined. According to the results of the study; it is determined that the reading texts in Turkish textbooks prepared for foreigners, in terms of text types, mostly contain informative texts. In terms of originality dimension the course books contain more specific texts. Besides, they do not include cultural elements sufficiently. The distribution of the text types to the B1, B2, C1+ levels was disproportionate. In terms of the informative text types, the articles were mostly included in the course books while for the narrative text types little space was given. The poetic text types were not included.


Teaching Turkish to Foreigners, textbooks, Istanbul Course Book Pack for Foreigners, text type, originality, cultural elements.


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