Attitudes of Tertiary Level EFL Teachers towards Intercultural Foreign Language Teaching
Üniversite Düzeyinde İngilizceyi Yabancı Dil Olarak Öğreten Öğretmenlerin Kültürlerarası Yabancı Dil Öğretimine İlişkin Tutumları

Author : Funda ÖLMEZ ÇAĞLAR
Number of pages : 325-334


Language and culture are two interwoven concepts; therefore, intercultural instruction needs to be an indispensable component of foreign language teaching. With this in mind, the current study aimed to investigate tertiary level Turkish English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers’ attitudes towards intercultural foreign language teaching. Accordingly, data were collected from a total of 100 Turkish EFL teachers employed at thirty different universities in Turkey by means of a questionnaire on intercultural foreign language teaching. Following the data collection, the data were analysed statistically. Findings showed that the participant EFL teachers exerted a positive attitude in relation to intercultural foreign language teaching. The study also sought for any potential differences among teachers’ degrees of willingness about intercultural instruction according to their teaching experience and first-hand experience with foreign cultures. No significant difference was found among the degrees of willingness based on these variables. The attitudinal positivity about intercultural foreign language teaching appeared to be a promising result for the Turkish EFL context. With their positive perceptions on intercultural language instruction, EFL teachers might include various intercultural elements in their lessons. Thus, further research is deemed necessary to see whether these positive attitudes reflect well on the instructional practices of Turkish EFL teachers.


intercultural language instruction, intercultural communicative competence, teacher attitudes, teacher education.


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