A Project-Based Approach in Translation Classroom: From the Students’ Perspectives
Çeviri Eğitiminde Proje Temelli Yaklaşım: Öğrencilerin Görüşleri

Author : Gökçen Hastürkoğlu - Özge BAYRAKTAR ÖZER
Number of pages : 335-344


The project-based approach has been discussed to be one of the most influential methods applied in translation pedagogy, which ensures the development of translation knowledge and skills of students by providing them with a chance of real-life experiences. In this study, a project-based learning model was applied with a constructivist training approach in a technical translation course offered to 30 3rd grade students studying at Translation and Interpreting Department at a university in the 2018-2019 academic year and the students’ views were taken. To this end, a 5-point Likert scale questionnaire was used to evaluate whether the students improved their related knowledge and skills through this training method, and unstructured evaluation forms were collected to investigate the students’ comments on their translation processes. The results demonstrated that the majority of the students believed that, with the application of the project-based learning approach, they improved their metacognitive knowledge and skills, required to be competent translators who are in full awareness of their cognitive abilities.


Constructivist learning, metacognition, translation skills, translation pedagogy, project-based learning


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