Eski Harfli Çocuk Mecmûalarından: “Türk Çocuğu”
One of the Children's Journal in the Ottoman Turkish “Türk Çocuğu”

Author : Şerife AKPINAR - Aliye Nur ERCAN GÜVEN
Number of pages : 167-216


The “Türk Çocuğu” (Turkish Child) is one of the children journals in the Ottoman Turkish presented to their interest with its educational and literary aspects. It is one of the two journals issued by the Teachers Union in Erzurum. Ahmet Sami is the managing director of the journal published in 1926. The copy of the Turkish Child, which is stated to be issued every fifteen days, was offered for sale at five kurus. The three issues (2, 3, and 4) of the Turkish Child, which was promoted as “science and literature journal” from 1926 were obtained; but the first issue has not been reached yet. The issues of the Turkish Child were found in the Ankara National Library 1974 SB 293 numbered record. It is seen that the journal has a short publishing life like many other periodicals for children. In Turkish Child, poetry, riddle and laconisms are included as well as text types related to many different sciences from art, sports, social life, and mathematics to agriculture. Thus, while providing information to children, literary pleasure was tried to be instilled. The most prominent feature of the journal printed in Erzurum is that informing to the children especially the geography, sports, culture, etc. of the city where they live. There are no pictures in Turkish Child except the picture of Erzurum Çifte Minareler (Double Minarets) on the cover of the second issue. In the study, children's journals/newspapers in Ottoman Turkish which are included in the name of the Turkish Child in the catalogs and sources but often jumbled, have been mentioned and the way of editing has been made. One of these journals, the Turkish Child journal published in Erzurum was tried to be introduced and the issues of it obtained were transferred to the Turkish alphabet of Latin origin.


Türk Çocuğu (Turkish Child), children journal in Ottoman Turkish, Ahmed Sami, Erzurum.


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