Place of Written Authentic Documents in Action-Oriented Approach: Examples of Saison, Le Nouveau Taxi and Écho
Place Des Documents Authentiques Écrits Dans Le Perspectif Actionnel: Exemples De Saison, Le Nouveau Taxi Et Écho

Number of pages : 143-154


The use of authentic documents during teaching / learning is an attractive subject for us from which we ask the question “is it possible to use them from the beginner level?” It is this question that prompted us to do this work. In this study, we tried to detect the written authentic documents in the manuals Saison (from A1 to B1), Le Nouveau Taxi (from A1 to B1) and Écho (from A1 to B1). We have realised a qualitative study. We believe that authentic documents can be used for all levels. To prove this fact, we have reviewed three levels of different manuals that belong to different publishers. We have restricted our work with written authentic documents. Therefore, we have prepared tables in which we placed elements such as the ublisher, the unit, the page, the level, the type of document and the target skill. Considering these datas, we have made comparisons between the methods. According to these comparisons, we have realised that the number of written authentic documents exploited increases as the level of language progress. Moreover, we also found that written authentic documents are used more to contribute to the reading comprehension skill. Another point that catches our attention is that the poster takes part at first line on average as the authentic document.


Written authentic documents, French teaching, language skills, reading comprehension


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