Teaching Idioms by Textualization in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language: C1 Level
Yabancı Dil Olarak Türkçe Öğretiminde Deyimlerin Metinleştirilerek Öğretimi: C1 Seviyesi

Author : Salih GÜLERER - Ahmet GÜREL
Number of pages : 244-265


Idioms are important cultural elements and values that make up the word ingof Turkish. The difficulties experienced by foreign students in the learning of phrases in Turkish, one of the richest languages in the world in terms of mold words, have been revealed by the researches so far. When we consider that language teaching is also cultural teaching, it is important to teach idioms in Turkish teaching as a foreign language. In this study, it is to determine whether c1 level students who learn Turkish as foreign languages will be more effective to teach their idioms as stories or simply literally. The method uses the action research pattern of qualitative research. For this purpose, 30 C1 students were divided into 15 experiments and 15 control groups, and the selected 20 phrases were pre-tested and finaltest. Data from the resulting results; gender, country, such as variables analyzed and presented in a table. The data obtained as a result of the study was compared with previous studies. The gender factor did not make any difference in learning, similar results were produced in previous studies in terms of the country, and the pretest and finaltest changes of the students were shown in the table. As a result, it has been found that teaching idioms with their stories is more effective than simply teaching by its meaning.


Teaching Turkish to Foreigners, idiom, story, culture


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