Social Problems in the Novels of Muzaffer Buyrukçu
Muzaffer Buyrukçu’nun Romanlarında Sosyal Sorunlar

Author : NURAY KARAKAYA - Damla Bağlıoğlu
Number of pages : 454-471


Traces of socialist realism can be seen in the works of Muzaffer Buyrukçu who, succeeded in the stories, diaries and novels of Turkish Literature between 1950 and 2000. The author’s novels “Bir Olayın Başlangıcı (1969), Gürültülü Birkaç Saat (1969), Dar Sokaklardaki Duman (1992), Gece Bitmedi (1995), Akan Sular Şarap Olsa (1998), Dışardaki Rüzgâr (1998) ve Ucu Güllü Kundura (1998)” contain social problems affects social structure and individuals. The writer expresses the critical situations in the novels with realistic perspective through social structure and human types of period. Social problems studied in novels that can be seen with different themes like class discrimination, political issues, corruption and poverty in detail. This study is structured by document analysis which is evaluated within the scope of qualitative research method.


socialist realism, social problems, political issues, corruption and poverty in detail.


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