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Volume 7 Issue 1 / March 2019

As International Journal of Languages’ Education and Teaching, we are very proud of publishing March 2019 issue in the 7th year of IJLET. This issue consists of 29 scientific studies. We believe that the articles will contribute to their related fields. As we continue to work hard with the excitement on the first day, we would like to say, we are so sure that our journal will get better place with your supports. Our journal has been indexed with the contributions of you by 40 indexes/databases at the moment. Same as our previous issues before, we would like to present thanks sincerely to authors who contribute our journal with the scientific studies one more valuable than the other and to referees who support and help us to make studies more qualified. 

International Journal of Languages’ Education and Teaching has been indexed by: -6/14/2017 8:59:32 AM

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    New Issue - March 2019

    Our regular volume - March 2019 - is now avaliable. We would like to thank all the contributors.

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