Understanding and interpretation in the intralingual translation
Verstehen und Deuten in der intralingualen Übersetzung

Author : Aylin SEYMEN
Number of pages : 1-8


The term “translation” is the process of transferring from one language to another language. In fact, translation is a procedure between languages. Therefore, the translation also means intercultural communication. In this study, we want to analyze the intralingual translation. The intralingual translation is not a translation from one language to another language. It is an interpretation of verbal signs by means of other signs of the same language (Jacobson, 1959:233). The intralingual translation of a word uses other signs to understand the context better. So the intralingual translation interprets the signs by using other signs of the same language. In fact, the intralingual translation is a way to simplify a text. This type of translation may seem a new field of translation, but actually we often use it in our daily live. In our daily live, we often use the intralingual translation. For example, while explaining something to our children we are forced to use intralingual translation. In this study we want to demonstrate the significance of the intralingual translate in the medical field and in advertising language. Especially we want to show with examples in which cases the intralingual translation is not used and the reason and cases in which intralingual translation must be used to be clarified the situation.


translation, intralingual translation, signs

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