Türkçe ve Türk Kültürü Ders Kitaplarındaki Söz Varlığına Derlem Temelli Bir Bakış
Corpus Based Glance at Vocabulary In Turkısh And Turkısh Culture Textbooks

Author : Bekir İnce -- İlhan ÇINAR
Number of pages : 198-209


One on the most important components of the language development of bi-lingual students is the word acquisition. The main purpose in word acquisition is to provide bi-lingual students with basic communication skills without any difficulties. Frequency studies are among the most important sources to determine the words that the student needs. Therefore it is an important issue, whether frequency studies are considered while choosing the words in the text used for the bi-lingual students’ education, or not. In this study, it is analyzed whether “Dictionary of the Frequency of Turkish Written Words” is considered or not, while choosing the text used in language training. This study, which aims to analyze the words that create the texts, is a descriptive research. In this study is used the document scanning method. The results of the study show that there is a meaningful difference between the words used in the texts prepared for the bi-lingual Turkish students and the words used in the “Dictionary of the Frequency of Turkish Written Words”. According to the findings, it can be said that frequency word studies are not effectively used to make the students acquire the necessary vocabulary in order to provide the basic communication skills. Furthermore a qualified policy is not followed about the planning of the words to be taught.


bilingualism- Corpus- Vocabulary

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