Metacognition and Education of Listening
Üstbiliş ve Dinleme Eğitimi

Author : Murat ÖZBAY -- Tuğçe DAŞÖZ
Number of pages : 109-131


In the developing world, an individual should know not only how to acquire information but also how to use the information as necessary in the right place. In our education system, a student-centred approach has been adopted recently. It has been planned to activate the students inside and outside of class in teaching which has been conducted through the activities that have become more important with the student-centred approach. Thus, it was intended that, beyond providing them with the information, students would be able to reach the information by themselves, and build up the information in their mind. That an individual is able to build up, explain, and utilize the information is directly associated with the concept of metacognition. Activities are important instruments for an individual to use the information for metacognitive skills. In accordance with this approach adopted in education, ‘teaching through activities’ has come into prominence. The activities arranged with this purpose should be devoted to improving the metacognitive skills of students. The ultimate goal in Turkish language teaching is to improve four basic language skills of students. Listening, one of those skill types, is one of the ways for students to acquire information. Listening activities are gaining importance in building up and explaining the metacognitive skills. The purpose of this study is to prepare an activity sample to be utilized in order to improve the listening comprehension skills of students in teaching conducted within the scope of metacognitive skills. In the study, the pattern of general screening of the qualitative model was used in the stage of activity construction. In the first stage, the conceptual framework was constructed regarding metacognition and listening skill by screening the literature. Accordingly, the activity sample presented was interpreted within the frame of metacognitive skills, and an activity sample concerning listening comprehension with the goal of improving those skills was presented.


Metacognition, Listening, Listening Comprehension, Turkish Language Teaching.

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