Author : Ünal Zal
Number of pages : 444-465


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, new researches often appeared on the Turkic dialects and literature. In many studies, we observe lots of poets and authors who had been living under the Soviet regime with the works criticizing or praising the relevant regime. Among those there are some who regarded praising as a compulsory routine, as well as some others expressing their real feelings regarding with the issues. During the post-independence era, some poets and writers often came across with frustrations as they had the idea to compensate for the years that was lost in the past in a short time, and as a result they imagined creating a new World that would make people happy soon before independence with all aspects. It is possible to see the works which are written about the time when they experienced the conflict of dream and the reality after independence. In his works before and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ak Welsapar is one of the writers and poets, whose works clearly penned the dream and reality conflict. This study will focus on the life of Ak Welsapar, who lived during the Soviet Union and appeared as one of the profound representatives of Turkmen literature, also his novels he wrote abroad before and after independence. In addition, on the basis of such works, we will comment on the Turkmen language, culture and the literature, and stress on the author’s conflict of dream and truth before and after independence life, and on the causes of such feelings.


Keywords: Soviet Union, Turkish dialects, Ak Welsapar, novels.

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