Author : Ünal Zal
Number of pages : 466-479


Stories, one of the literary genres in which the events taken place or possible to happen are described, are strong works in terms of message, content and thought regardless of their length. There are some stories in the world literature which alone convey the message that a novel wants to give. The permenance of stories, as in other literary genres, depends on whether they have characteristics such as the selection of characters, and their variety, the topic to be universal and humane, observation of diverse aspects of society, human dignity, democracy and freedom of expression, and resisting oppression. Works which are written in a strong style remain permanent in every period. Ak Welsapar, one of the successful representatives of modern-day Turkman literature, is one of the most important writers who achieved fame through stories he wrote about the above-mentioned topics during the Soviet period and the period after its collapse. He mentioned about and defended Turkman language, culture, belief, nature, women, children and youngsters, and never took a step back from what he maintained. He never made concesssions about his views and thoughts after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and fell out with the rulers of that period as he thought it would take a long time to adopt democracy after independence. However, that he defended the Turkman people and culture established a strong tie between himself and the readers, and this relationship has continued thanks to the present technology so far. In this respect, time has been in favour of the writer and the readers, and helped get close to each other. In this study, the stories written before and after the independence by Ak Welsapar, who lived in the Soviet Union period and is one of the important representatives of Turkman literature abroad, and their content will be studied. Also, some assessments will be made about the Turkman language, culture and literature of the time considering the subjects, characters, and the messages they convey in the stories.


Soviet Union, Turkish dialects, Ak Welsapar, literature, story.

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