Author : Gülten Genç
Number of pages : 23-42


This article examines the impact of some personal factors on the autonomous learning capacity of student teachers in a foreign language department. The sample group of the study consisted of 146 prospective English teachers in the Educational Faculty of a state university. The participants were asked to anonymously fill out a questionnaire involving two parts which respectively investigated their background and autonomous learning capacity. The first part of the questionnaire is a combination of open-ended and multiple-choice items concerning the participant’s age, gender, foreign language achievement, type of their high school and their degree. The second part of the questionnaire was originally developed to evaluate autonomous learning capacity of the students. The data were used to provide a descriptive and correlational analysis to address the research questions. The results indicate that there is a significant relationship between autonomous learning capacity of student teachers and some variables of the study. Finally, some practical recommendations were noted.


English as foreign language, autonomous learning, student teachers

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