Author : Meral Güllülü -- Gülnaz Berberoğlu
Number of pages : 203-221


A variety of methods have been used in language teaching so far and these methods have completed one another. In recent times, the web-based education and teaching has been used by many nations and even become an element reflecting the language policy in some nations . Rapidly developing technology has had an effect on the more frequent use of the computer-assisted education in language teaching and made the web-based teaching come into prominent. Although the web-based teaching is being used by many nations very intensively in language teaching in our age, there are unfortunately some imperfections in the web-based teaching of Turkish as a foreign language. Unfortunately, like in other languages, there are not enough number of materials available related to the web-based teaching of Turkish. In language teaching, a lot of changes have been made so far and new methods have been used. When using these methods, the web has been used greatly and made big contributions to language teaching. Especially, in vocabulary studies, with the aim of teaching many words more easily and making what is learned more permanent, the web has been used and great contributions have been achieved. In studies of teaching Turkish as a foreign language, in order to benefit from the web-based teaching more frequently and systematically, there are not many sites or programs available. However, in other languages such as English, Arabic and Spanish, there are many sites and programs available. In this presentation, our aim is to emphasize the insufficiencies of the web-based teaching of Turkish as a foreign language, but despite these insufficiencies, mention its contribution especially in vocabulary studies and many other methods. In the areas where we have difficulties in our lessons (especially names of vegetables, fruits and illnesses…) and in pieces of knowledge which we want to make permanent, we appeal to the support of web very often.


Turkish teaching, benefiting from web, words

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