Author : Hülya Pilancı
Number of pages : 253-267


The advances in informatics are the most important advances of the previous and 21st century. The development in education and technology has promoted use of technology in instruction. Given the historical development of methods and approaches used in foreign language teaching, it can be seen that almost all of them have appeared parallel to technological inventions and scientific developments. Starting from mid 1980s, in light of the other developments in language teaching, language teaching, which can produce and spread sound or images or both, and benefit from many technological advances, started to frequently use the technology of personal computers (PC) that holds all the mentioned features. Foreign language teachers and computers programmers together have developed software that has different functions to be used in language teaching. In the 21st century, the idea that language teaching is beyond teaching grammar but teaching skills and has the basic function of maintaining communication among people has been adopted. From this point of view, rich language learning environments that can be enhanced with the technological tools develop four basic skills of language learning; listening, reading, writing and speaking, and provide language learners flexible effective and learner centered learning opportunities with distance language teaching. With the extended use of communication and computer webs, namely the Internet, in 90s, teaching web sites for variety of languages have been designed. Thus, individual and distance education opportunity became possible in this area. The internet provides the facilities for listining, speaking, reading and writing which are four basic abilities for distance learners to acquire. On the other hand the audıtory and visual content provided by the internet makes the language a socio-cultural entity besides being only a sistem of stracturally related elements. İnternet based distance language teaching offers significant chances to improve communicative competence as a result of rapid developments in internet audio and video tecnologies in recent years. . In foreign language teaching, students are supposed to learn different skills and areas of language. Within this perspective, augmented reality emerges as a kind of technology that addresses different senses of learners. However, to prepair a web based distance language teaching program is strenuous work. Web based distance language teaching programs is a team works: education designers, linguists, computer programmers, graphic designers, fhotographers, video operators and instructors. Being in communication with various countries around the world with its bonds coming from the past, Turkey has proven to be the interest of other parts of the world with its cultural heritage and strategic location. Teaching Turkish as a foreign language was a neglected issue until recently. However, the number of people who wants to use is increasing. Around the world, it has been anticipated that population movements among countries due to reasons related to profession, education, vocation and immigration, and as a result of this the need for learning languages, will gradually increase. International foundations support language-learning facilities, and alternative language teaching methods are considered as priority. Nowadays, learning a foreign language becomes necessary; the importance of teaching Turkish to the foreigners is getting more and more. The web based distance language teaching programs have been increasing due to the increasing importance and use of open and distance education around the world, due to the fact that it can provide various and rich learning environments, use many tools together for language teaching, gather students from different geographical areas, and thanks to its various advantages such as flexible time. In the present study, developments in web based distance language teaching and teaching Turkish as a foreign language will be discussed. İn study was used qualitative research method. The obtained data were examined under title as teaching language and teknology, computer assisted language learning, web based distance language teaching programs, web based distance teaching Turkish.


Teaching language, Language and tecnologie, Computer assisted teaching Turkish

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