Author : Gülşen Sezen
Number of pages : 143-157


Gilgamesh Epic is the first epic of the written literature. In this study that it is prepared about Gilgamesh Epic, primary aim is reveal story of water clearly. As is known, “both Sumer and Babylon Civilisations are hydraulics civilisations” has been told by Karl Witfoger (Gencer, 2008: 18). Importance of research come from here. Because of this reason, it is considered necessary to reveal position of water phenomenon that it impressed deeply civilisations’ daily life, in written literature. And with this study, reveal position of water image clearly in our mind is wanted as far as possible. Thus, conclusions of article show off importance of subject. In the search, we will try to determine and reveal water phenomenon’s conceptual fields; and try to approach to descriptions, metaphors and social life factors in the Epic with interpretive method. Besides we will try to find some deduction in this way. Translates that they are studied by Bottero and George were used comparatively in the article. From time to time, some questions like “Have findings been used in today’s literary texts or what is resemblance rate between them” are discussed to reach answers. This study is prepared with excitement of tracking water phenomenon. And firstly, about King Gilgamesh and the Epic is mentioned with very quick overview, then Epic’s theme is discussed, after that main theme in the article is studied. In here, three-phased method is (mainly) followed. Initially, on the subject of water in the Epic is mentioned briefly; later, plot is supported with quotations from Epic; in the last stage, comment is made about subject. In this way, reach to results are tried. Furthermore it is targeted to be understandable, because of this reason some articles that they have attached the subject or have importance was cited from time to time. Also in comments are paid attention for not use anachrony.


Gilgamesh Epic, water, water image, Sumerians, Babylonians.

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