Author : Nilüfer AKGÜN
Number of pages : 276-289


Tales are quietly important folk narrations in terms of reflecting the culture of the geography where they arise. They are indispensable for oral tradition in terms of being didactic, their themes, language and expression. Tales also improve the ability of thinking, hearing, feeling, and imagining. The journey of the characters in the tales attract the attention of everyone and the way the characters struggle with the obstacles encourage the audiences / reader at all times. Anatolia is a precious territory in terms of its tales. However, with the modern era and its bringing such as telephones, computers and televisions, current generation is far away from tales. Besides being entertaining, tales are mainly didactic narrations. The audience / reader reach the idea of overcoming the impossibilities and try to find ways to fight against their troubles by the means of the tales. By this way, they get ready for the journey struggling against the troubles through tales. Tales are crucial for all ages but they are mostly important for children since the imagination of children is more sophisticated and limitless. It is easier for children to be impressed by the tales they heard. They take beautiful princesses and heroes as an example and they get more imaginative to find solutions to their problems just like in the tales. Besides all of the advantages, tales contribute to the child’s language acquisition by the wide range of vocabulary that they include. Children comprehend the society’s culture and value by means of their mother tongue. All of the words, tongue twisters, idioms, reduplications, public conversations and traditional, enrich the vocabulary knowledge. Taking support form tales in comprehending all areas in language learning, from phonology to morphology or from syntax to semantics, will make it fun to learn the language. Children learn the language in the family at first and continue learning at school formally. It should not be forgotten the importance of vocabulary knowledge in getting to know the world and the interaction between the people. Vocabulary is again very important for people to express themselves and understand the people. In this study, it is emphasized vocabulary knowledge and making use of tales in language acquisition and Anatolian Tales’ contribution to enhancing vocabulary. The relation between language acquisition and tales is considered by giving examples of Anatolian tales.


Anatolian tales, vocabulary knowledge, child, language acquisition, teaching vocabulary.

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