Art of Deception
Die Kunst der Verführung

Author : İmran KARABAĞ
Number of pages : 187-196


The German term, “Verführung,” as a style of discourse, includes all of the expressions related to cheating, insisting, deceiving or perverting. All of the expressions regarding cheating are represented with the preamble, "Cheating Art" and are analysed under this term. At this point, the most important terms attracting attention and described are rhetoric, dialectics, eristic and manipulation. These terms employed in Turkish as well comprise the ways of cheating that we can utter in language or by means of language. These terms play an important role in all of the expressions about cheating coming to the fore through language. In this study the problem of cheating in language and the ways of cheating which are carried out through these terms are analysed.


art of deception, rhetorics, dialectic,eristic, manipulation

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