Reliability and Validity Study of Attitude Scale of Teaching Profession
Öğretmenlik Mesleğine Yönelik Tutum Ölçeği Geçerlik ve Güvenirlik Çalışması

Author : Nevin AKKAYA -- Eylem Ezgi ÖZDEMİR
Number of pages : 651-661


In this study, it was aimed to develop a valid and reliable measuring instrument for measuring the professional attitudes of prospective teachers who were trained or seen in various faculties receiving training in education at the faculty of education. The study group of this research is composed of 72 female and 66 male students, total 138 students, who received training in Buca Education Faculty of Dokuz Eylül University in 2016-2017 academic year. A preliminary test form of the scale which consisted of 32 items was applied to the study group. SPSS 15.0 program was used for the analysis of data in the study. Factor analysis was performed on the obtained data. As a result of the factor analysis, a single factor scale consisting of 13 items and accounting for 66.08% of total variance was obtained. It has been determined that you have sub-factors of your scale and that the total score has internal consistency. Reliability analysis; Item-total correlation, and the difference between the upper and lower 27% groups using the unpaired t-test, Spearman Brown's two-half test correlation and the Cronbach alpha internal consistency coefficient. The alpha value for the scale was .95 and the two half-test correlations were .93 for the scale. The scale called the Attitude Scale Towards the Teaching Profession (ASTP) was determined to be a valid and reliable instrument that could be used to measure the attitudes of prospective teachers towards the teaching profession.


Teaching profession, attitude, scale development.

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