Research Issues Focused on Studies Concerning Bloom Taxonomy and the Revised Bloom Taxonomy in Turkey
Bloom Taksonomisi ve Yenilenmiş Bloom Taksonomisi ile İlgili Türkiye’de Yapılan Çalışmaların Odaklandığı Araştırma Konuları

Author : Latif BEYRELİ -- Hülya SÖNMEZ
Number of pages : 213-229


The purpose of this research is to determine the studies which focuses on Bloom Taxonomy (BT) and Revised Bloom Taxonomy (RBT) in Turkey. And determine the harmonization of these studies with the aims of the taxonomies. In the first part, to the research subjects which are intensified about BT in Turkey are given. And their compatibility with the purpose of improvement of BT has been examined. In the second part, the researches about the RBT in Turkey are concentrated and these have been looked at for the compatibility of the RBT with the purpose of renewal. Eighty studies, were analyzed according to the general screening model and content analysis, and these were classified according to the research subjects. The relationship of these studies with BT and RBT has been examined and the harmony between them was assessed. According to the findings obtained, it is seen that these studies focus on a certain dimension of taxonomies (measurement-evaluation processes). But it has been determined that other dimensions in the taxonomies (process of cognitive, emotional and psychomotor research, program development process, organizing educational activities and material development process, developing thinking and problem solving skills, etc.) are neglected.


Bloom Taxonomy, Revised Bloom Taxonomy

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