The Obstacles to Development of Language Skills and the Ways to Overcome Them
Dil Becerilerini Geliştirmenin Önündeki Engeller ve Bu Engelleri Aşma Yolları

Author : Yüksel GÜNDÜZ -- Hanife Nalan GENÇ
Number of pages : 339-356


Today, it is assumed that knowing and learning a foreign language is a kind of necessity from personal, social, and cultural aspects. It is a common problem that language learners still do not know a foreign language or do not use a foreign language well though foreign language education in our country involves in quite a long process from primary school to university level. Therefore, it is extremely significant to determine the essential language problems of foreign language students, and to make necessary suggestions related with these problems. In that sense, the aim of this study is to reveal the factors that prevent language learners from developing language skills, and also present how to cope with these language problems. According to content analysis results of the study, foreign language learners stated that the problems with the skills such as listening and perceptive skills, speaking and pronunciation, vocabulary, reading and writing skills hinder their language learning. Additionally, foreign language students made certain suggestions about how to develop both basic language and subskills. It is proposed that if the advices given by the language students are classified according to their significances, and if teaching of language skills was developed in that way, the handicaps with language learning would disappear.


language skills, language obstacle, listening, speaking, reading, writing, word.

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