The Main Problems Encountered in the Teaching of Turkish Language and Literature in Secondary Education
Ortaöğretim Türk Dili ve Edebiyatı Öğretiminde Karşılaşılan Başlıca Sorunlar

Author : Kemal EROL -- Fethi DEMİR
Number of pages : 197-212


In educational institutions in Turkey, the language and the literature are teached by the changing approaches such as traditional, behavioral and constructivist method.That a positive result hasn’t been gotten yet at the desired level in the teaching of Turkish language and literature,is because of three main reasons.The first of these is non-continuity and usability programs, the second is non-qualified teachers and insufficient teaching principles and methods ;and the third is the environment in which teaching takes place;so insufficient equipments, social, political, cultural and economic reasons.But the duty and the responsibility of removing these reasons belongs to teachers.The person who will carry out education and training in secondary education institutions, should master in many scientific fields close to literature such as language,culture and history in the first instance.The language examination and effective speaking skill are prior conditions of contemporary teacher model in literature history whereat teaching role in language and literature teaching in addition to close to cultural and artistic activities. The teaching of a language and a literature which improves aesthetics and conveys cultural values to receiver in concrete terms,is obligatory.Thus this study aims to investigate the main problems encountered while providing the instruction of Turkish language and literature;and bring the results to the attention of concerned with scientific evidence.The aim is to form the basis for how language and literature teaching should be done; to pioneer in removing the obstacles in front of development in language and literature teaching.


Secondary Education, The Teaching of Turkish Language and Literature, The Education and Training Pro

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