Study of Cultural Elements in "Five Cities" Of Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar: Intertextuality and Interculturality
Etude Des Elements Culturels Dans “Cinq Villes” D’ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar: Intertextualité Et Interculturalité

Author : Perihan YALÇIN
Number of pages : 261-270


This article is about the problem of the translation of cultural subjects. In this study, our ideas and visions are mentioned related to a work translated into French written by the famous poet and novelist Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, regarded as the founder of modern Turkish literature. In our review, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar’s novel Beş Şehir “Five Cities” and its French translation is discussed. It's a fact that, every language, helps our understanding of the world and other cultures to a certain extent. If we want to understand how and why the translation could be, above all we have to accept cultural objects and the perspective of the world. Each language contains certain limitations and certain molds. G. Mounin suggests that knowing just the language is not enough to make a good translation except knowing the culture of that language (Mounin 1976,44-45) . The purpose of this study is the analysis of translation of the specific cultural elements that do not exist in the target language. What we have here is to show how some of the historical and cultural references transferred from the target culture, and how to translate the objects that do not exist in the target culture. Cultural references of the source text and French readers' perception are discussed. A translator of foreign readers, should disclose this cultural references, by making them comprehensible. First of all, this description performed by translator has a informative value and provides the reader to learn the meaning of these cultural objects of that country.


Key Words: Translation, Cultural Items, Source Language, Target Language.

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