The Use of Tv Series In Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language
Yabancılara Türkçe Öğretiminde Tv Dizilerinin Kullanımı

Author : Fatih YILMAZ -- Ayşegül IRŞİ
Number of pages : 144-157


As a result of Turkey’s strategic importance and relationship with other countries, the desire and need to learn Turkish has increased recently. The use of movies in teaching foreign languages has become very common in recent years. Teaching foreign languages is not limited to finding an equivalence with the native language, but to find out the how to use the sentence in the correct context with the correct words. Teaching Turkish as a foreign language is effective when student-centered methods with technologies are used together. Today, there are various applications related to teaching Turkish to foreigners. The use of movies and TV series are one of them. The purpose of this research is to determine the effect of the use of TV series in foreign language teaching on the level of Turkish language learning of foreign students. By using the sections of the TV series Ekmek Teknesi, which will be prepared within the scope of the study, students will develop the basic four language skills with the formulaic expressions, proverbs and daily conversations. 10 activities are developed by the researcher within the framework of learning areas, pronunciation, vocabulary teaching and culture transfer. The activities are developed for the B1 and B2 level foreign students learning Turkish as a foreign language.


Key Words: Cultural transfer, TV Series, Activity

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