Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of Multiculturalism: A Scale Development Study
Öğretmen Adaylarının Çokkültürlülüğe Yönelik Algıları: Ölçek Geliştirme Çalışması

Author : Nevin AKKAYA -- Ömer İNCE - Cenan İŞCİ - Büşra ÜNER
Number of pages : 309-321


In this study, it is aimed to construct a scale measuring the perceptions of pre-service teacher's view of multiculturalism who studied in different branches of teacher training programs in Faculty of Education. In order to perform a valid and reliable scale development procedure, all steps suggested in the literature were followed carefully. In scale construction studies, performing a series of pilot implementation is crucial in order to develop a scale with high validity and reliability. In this study, pilot implementations were performed and data obtained from these pilot studies were used to improve the scale. The sample of the study is 240 pre-service teachers studying in the first semester of 2018-2019 academic year. Participants were selected and included in the study through purposive sampling with respect to voluntariness. In the pilot implementations, validity and reliability analyses was performed with obtained data. In this context, the items were examined by using exploratory factor analysis (EFA), and then confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). As a result of this study, a multiculturalism scale for pre-service teachers with 4 dimensions and 24 items were constructed. Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) statistic is .901 and statistics of Bartlett’s Sphericity test are χ2=2635.178 and p=.000 for this scale. Chronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient is .840 for the scale. As a result of DFA χ2=421.83, sd=243, p=0.0000, (χ2/sd)=1.736, RMSEA=.55, RMR=.066, GFI=.87, AGFI=.84, NFI= .84, NNFI=.91, CFI=.92 for this scale.


Pre-service teachers, scale development, multiculturalism.

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