Compatibility of Grammar Modules’ Hierarchy in Secondary and Higher Education English Contextual Grammar Books to Turkish Grammatical Competence
Orta ve Yüksek Öğretim İngilizce Ders Kitaplarındaki Dilbilgisi Modülleri Sıradüzeninin Türkçe Dil bilgisel Edincine Uygunluğu

Author : Emrullah Şeker
Number of pages : 100-108


This study is based on the assumption that learning English grammar will be simpler and easier for Turkish speaking learners if it is introduced in a way by which they can achieve accessibility to universal Grammar (UG). In this study the order of the grammar modules in the course books followed in the programs carried out in secondary or higher education institutions such as schools or universities predominantly responsible for foreign language teaching in Turkish Education System was analysed. The grammar presentation sequence of these target references were discussed and evaluated in terms of accessibility to UG regarding UG principles and parameters set between Turkish and English in the literature so far. Thus, we not only aim to reveal how much of the grammar presentation in the available curriculums and course books is appropriate for Turkish speaking learners of English but also aim to contribute to developing an English course book prototype including parameter setting activities particularly for those who have Turkish competence. Therefore, referring to Turkish grammatical competence in teaching of other languages will eventually contribute to supplementing Turkish Grammar description through universal principles and concepts. Finally, it is also assumed that this study to be carried out in the case of English as a foreign language will have positive effects also on teaching of other languages.


Hierarchy, grammar books, competence, accessibility, syllabus.

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