An Analysıs of the Translatıon of Cultural Elements In Prose: The Example of ‘Eugénie Grandet’
Düzyazıda Kültürel Ögelerin Çevirisi Üzerine Bir İnceleme: ‘Eugénie Grandet’ Örneği

Author : Gülhanım ÜNSAL
Number of pages : 158-169


Prose, which is one of the text types of literature, includes fiction features such as novels, stories, etc. Prose texts are found in Reiss's narrative text type. Narrative texts assume the expression function and aesthetic dimension of language. They are format-oriented. It aims to influence the receiver. It gives importance to expression, power of expression, and style. The aim of the translation text is to transfer literary style. The translation method is focused on the source language. In order to preserve artistic quality, translation is carried out through identification. Translation is accepted as an intercultural mediator, and it converys the culture of the ‘other’ by approaching the masses. Since ancient times, translation has been one of the main intercultural communication tools and one of the most important forms of cultural conflict. Translation of cultural words and concepts constitutes one of the most important problems encountered in the process of recreating the target language in the translation of literature.In this context, the translation of cultural elements in Balzac’s novel was examined in terms of geographical, ethnographic and socio-political aspects and strategies applied in its translation were identified as word-for-word translation, borrowing, subtraction, addition, explanation, substitution, domestication, alienation etc.


Prose Translation, Translation Strategies, Cultural Elements, Eugénie Grandet

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