The Teaching/Learning of Vocabulary in Parallel with Action Oriented Approach in the Book of Alter Ego A1
L’enseignement/Apprentissage du Vocabulaire dans le Manuel Alter Ego A1 selon l’Approche Actionnelle

Number of pages : 51-61


The aim of this study is to examine the teaching/ learning of vocabulary, one of the language components, in the Alter Ego A1 approach book, which has been prepared in the perspective of Action-oriented Approach since the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Like grammar and phonetic, teaching of vocabulary is also in the among the language components. The language components are seen as important tools in the basic language skills development. This book has been prepared as an approach book to be used in teaching French as foreign language classrooms. In this study, the target book is examined to what extent authentic documents are used in the teaching of vocabulary and what kinds of words are used. We firstly try to gather data in determining the most frequent words in the first unit and then the total number of words in every unit and lastly the total number of words used in the whole book. The most frequent words are statistically gathered. 2863 words are used in this book. It is seen that the words are presented in the use of students in different activities and exercises. It is also seen that the main purpose of teaching of vocabulary is to let students use language communicatively, socially and realize the actions accordingly.).


Action Oriented Approach, Alter Ego A1, Vocabulary, Teaching, Learning

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