Teachers’ Views on Posters Used In Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language⃰
Yabancı Dil Olarak Türkçe Öğretiminde Kullanılan Posterlere Yönelik Öğretmen Görüşleri

Author : Eda Tekin -Muhammed Eyyüp SALLABAŞ
Number of pages : 31-39


Interest to Turkish Teaching as a foreign language is gradually rising in our country and all around the world in according to Turkey’s position in international relations, current migration movements and the aim of internationalization of the universities. With this increasing interest, materials are being developed in order to make language teaching better and more effective. It is expected that the developed materials will be capable of fulfilling the qualifications of the students in accordance with the principles of language teaching. Although the materials used in language learning classes are primarily used in textbooks, it is seen that teachers and students need alternative course materials. One of the teaching materials that have been used frequently in education for a long time is the posters. They are generally easy to be used because they contain visuals and are placed in educational environments where students are located. It is aimed that the posters provide the students with the basic knowledge as a wole which is important to learn especially in the language education, and to attract students’ attention by being interesting. The aim of this study is to evaluate 25 posters prepared by Yunus Emre Institute in order to improve vocabulary in teaching Turkish as a foreign language according to teachers' views. The data of the study were obtained by focus group interview with 10 teachers working in Yildiz Technical University and Istanbul Aydin University TOMER institutions. The qualification levels of posters as instructional materials were evaluated by descriptive analysis according to the views of the teachers.


Teaching Turkish as a foreign language, teaching materials, posters, teachers’ views.

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