Investigation of the Novel Kumru and Kumru within the Context of the Theory of the Leisure Class
Kumru ile Kumru Romanının Aylak Sınıfın Teorisi Bağlamında İncelenmesi

Author : Ferhat APAYDIN -Fatih Şükrü KOÇAR
Number of pages : 149-167


In this study, Tahsin Yücel's novel “Kumru and Kumru” is examined within the context of Thorstein B. Veblen's “The Theory of the Leisure Class”. This novel describes the articulation process of the wild side of capitalism on the pure Anatolian peasant. In this context, firstly information was given about Tahsin Yücel's literary mentality, then Veblen and “The Theory of the Leisure Class” were researched, and finally Tahsin Yücel's novel “Kumru and Kumru” and The “Theory of the Leisure Class” were analyzed together. Finally, a general evaluation was made and the study was finalized. In this context, based on the relationship between literature and economics, this study has demonstrated the importance of literature in the economic evolution of capitalist societies. In this interdisciplinary study where economics and literature meet, a critical approach to capitalist society is presented. Document scanning and content analysis methods were used in the study.


The Theory of the Leisure Class, Kumru and Kumru, Neoclassical Economics, Institutional Economics, Economics and Literature.

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