An Investigation of Proverbs in the 5th Grade Turkish Course Book in Terms of Values Education
5. Sınıf Türkçe Ders Kitabındaki Atasözlerinin Değerler Eğitimi Açısından İncelenmesi

Author : Hatice GEREKTEN -Mevlüt GÜLMEZ
Number of pages : 182-194


Values are beliefs that guide the individual’s behavior and distinguish between good and evil. An individual who possesses his/her values plays a role in transferring them the future generations. İt does this in a task awareness. All activities aimed at values education integrate the individual with society and culture. Therefore, value education starts in the family and continues systematically in schools. This study was carried out to determine the proverbs that reflect the values, to determine the appearance of the proverbs in the 5th grade Turkish textbook in terms of root values and to examine the activities in the book with respect to the proverbs and values education. Data were collected via document review. Content analysis method was used in data analysis. Ömer Asım Aksoy's Dictionary of Proverbs and Turkish textbook, which were used in 5th grade in 2016/2017 academic year, were examined in terms of 10 root values determined by TTKB in 2017. These values; justice, friendship, honesty, self-control, patience, respect, love, responsibility, patriotism, charity. When the Dictionary of Proverbs is examined, 552 proverbs reflecting these values were found. As a result of the examination of the existence of the proverbs reflecting the values in the 5th grade Turkish textbook, 27 proverbs were found in the book. 18 of these proverbs are related to 10 root values. 9 proverbs reflect different values. In addition, the proverbs of the activities in the book for the values education were determined. The use of proverbs in the education of values was observed from the examinations and the findings. Particularly in the theme of our values, the proverbs are intense, and the proverbs are suitable for the values education.


Proverbs, coursebook, values education, Turkish lesson

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