Differences of a Course between in the Traditional Classroom and the Centers of Self-Learning French in Turkey and in France
Différences entre un cours dans la classe traditionnelle et celui dans les centres d’auto-apprentissage du français en Turquie et en France

Author : Emine ÇAVDAR ATAMAN
Number of pages : 113-126


The centers of self-learning French are complementary places to other places of learning. These centers are the places that offer digital, human as well as written resources. The purpose of this work is to clarify the differences of a course between in a traditional class and the centers of self-learning French in Turkey and in France according to the students. Concerning these differences, the converging points determined during the interview with students are the freedom given to students and access to a wide variety of resources. Regarding freedom, they can study at their own pace, which means that they take the necessary time to make an exercise which is not the case in a class. They can also choose the exercise in relation to their needs. These centers enable them to realize that the four skills must be studied and the points not or badly learned which differentiate from one student to another shall be revised. The research model selected is the case study. Semi-structured interviews are conducted with 82 students in both countries. We focus our work on learner autonomy for French language learning which should be generalized to all universities and schools for language teaching in Turkey.


Autonomy, center of self-learning, resources, French language.

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