Translate a Text into a Silent Language
Einen Text in eine Lautlose Sprache Übersetzen

Author : Aylin SEYMEN
Number of pages : 104-112


The sign language is very important for a functioning communication with hearing impaired persons. Problems that people with hearing loss face is actually the inability of people (without hearing damage) to communicate with them. Since most people do not know the sign language, no mutual communication can be established. This situation blocks hearing-impaired people from participating in socialization. Socialization is to be conceptualized "as the process of the emergence and development of the personality in mutual dependence on the socially mediated social and material environment. The thematic priority is ... how man forms into a socially capable subject "(Geulen / Hurrelmann 1980, p. 51). If the person perceives himself as an incapacitated subject, it can happen that this deficiency causes people to feel depressed. Sign language varies from country to country and is generally understood as a silent, visual language that they create with body language. A misunderstanding, in this case, is the idea that the sign language is universal, there are even accents and dialects that differ. The sign language has its own vocabulary and grammar. In this study, we will look at the difficulties that may arise in translating verbal characters into nonverbal characters and how to fix them.


Sign language, communication, socialization, body language, translation

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