Perception of the Latest Samurai Film in Post-Colonialism and Orientalism Context
Post-Koloniyalizm ve Oryantalizm Bağlamında Son Samuray Filminin Alımlanması

Author : Birkan KARGI
Number of pages : 431-438


In this study, the elements of Orientalist concepts which are against Anglo-Saxon nobility knowledge and prosperity have been examined in terms of the ideology of Orient and how it has been perceived by the audiences through the film of Samurai. The dominant Western representatives’ trying to enforce similar strategies towards the East has made the issue significant. Systematically, first orientalism has been described in the view of E. Said and then the film analysis has been made in the Orientalism context. For this goal, audience based view has been given priority in the postmodern sense between explanatory and semantic analysis types. In the audio visual reading sense, through contextual analysis, the perception of inference from the given content has been studied. Through the Orientalist view, the elements lacking have been determined. Finally, Orientalism in the movie sector has been determined as a common concept differentiating the Western people from those of non-Western people and it emphasizes of reflecting the Western modern political and cultural functions.


Colonialism, Orientalism, West, East, Post-Colonialism

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