Historical Perception in Two Novels of Vecdi Çıracıoğlu
Vecdi Çıracıoğlu’nun İki Romanında Tarihsel Algı

Number of pages : 168-181


History and literature are two branches of social science that are closely linked to the similarities of their fields of study. Both are handled human subjects and carry out their activities for humanity. Their aim is to make human life more meaningful on the world and to provide solutions to some unknowns. Therefore, it is natural that they interact. These two novels constituting the basis of the study were analyzed in terms of their interest in historical science. These novels were written by Vecdi Çıracıoğlu. The first of these, Kara Büyülü Uyku was published by Can Publishing house in 1999 and won the Can Publishing Novel Award for the first time in the same year. The second novel is titled as Cimri Kirpi and published in 2003. The author focuses on the İstanbul conquest in Kara Büyülü Uyku while he handles the event that referred in historical sources as the ‘Stingy Case’ in Cimri Kirpi . In both novels, the author processes his messages for the present within the framework of historical facts. Primarily, in order to see these messages, several dissections were studied concerning novel-history relation of the study. Plots of these novels are also in the same section. Then, it was investigated separately whether the historical facts in the novels jibe with the data of historical science or not. The purpose of this is not to question the author's reality. Since a favorable answer emerged about the study, in the study, later on, the reasons of the author 's interest in history were investigated. Consequently, Vecdi Ciracioglu, in both novels, aims to investigate some of the fields which are left blank by the history-science.


hıstory, novel, Vecdi Çıracıoğlu, Kara Büyülü Uyku, Cimri Kirpi.

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