A Phenomenological Study on Communication Strategies and Linguistic Errors Made by the Learners Who Learn Turkish as a Foreign Language
Yabancı Dil Olarak Türkçe Öğrenenlerin Konuşmada Yaptıkları Dilsel Hatalar ve İletişim Stratejileri Üzerine Fenomenolojik Bir Çalışma

Author : Berker KURT
Number of pages : 51-70


The objective of this study is to identify the linguistic mistakes made in communication environment by the learners who learn Turkish as a foreign language, the communication strategies they use while making these mistakes, the responses they face and linguistic mistakes that affect their language acquisition. The main focus of this study which has been designed in a qualitative research method and phenomenological pattern is the essence of linguistic mistakes and its structure. Criterion sampling method which is one of the purposed sampling methods and maxial diversity sampling method are conducted while the participants are chosen. Research data were obtained from the experiences of the writing studies of the learners who are at B1 and B2 levels. The research results show that the learners who learn Turkish as a foreign language make various mistakes. Using mother tongue or another language, poor lexical knowledge or phrases, mixing, mispronounciation are the main mistakes that the learners make. The learners develope different strategies to communicate and face different responses. It has been conducted that the process of lingusitic mistakes contributes to the language acquisition but rarel causes anxiety while speaking.


Teaching Turkish as a foreign language, speaking skill, linguistic mistakes, analysis of mistakes,communication strategies, phenemonelogy.

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