Identifying Punctuation Errors and Typos of Primary School Students in Turkish Courses
İlkokul Öğrencilerinin Türkçe Dersinde Yaptıkları Yazılı Dil Kullanımına Yönelik Hataların Tespit Edilmesi

Author : Dilek ÜNVEREN
Number of pages : 85-101


The aim of this study is to identify punctuation errors and typos of primary school students. Thus, it was thought that teachers would gain awareness and make the lessons more effective by considering what the students might have difficulty in writing. 30 students (11 female, 19 male) in 4th grade at Toros Primary School in Manavgat, Antalya, participated in the study which was conducted by using document analysis which is one of the qualitative research methods. The collected data were subjected to descriptive analysis. According to the results of the study, the students were found to be inadequate to use colon; significant shortcomings were found regarding the use of commas and apostrophes; it has been identified that some of the students have difficulty in using dash and 50% of the participants have difficulty in using exclamation mark. In addition, since the students had difficulty in using full stop, it was found that they lacked in the use of capital letters after full stop and in the spelling of the compound words that needs to be written adjacent. However, it was seen that the students were generally good at using question mark and had sufficient knowledge about how to use interrogative particle and conjunctive ‘ki’. In addition, some students made mistakes since they tend to spell as they pronounce (wrongly) and they transfer their local dialects to written language. As a result, it was concluded that the mistakes in language use in the social environment and family may cause some problems in terms of child's correct use of language and readiness level before coming to school.


Turkish courses, punctuation errors, typos, primary school students

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