Adaptation of Writing Feedback Scale to Turkish
Yazma Geribildirim Ölçeğinin Türkçeye Uyarlanması

Author : Ayşe Nur Kutluca Canbulat
Number of pages : 20-37


This study intended to to adapt the Writing Feedback Scale developed by Marrs (2016) to Turkish. In the adaptation process, the original form of the 4-factor and 31-item scale of Marrs (2016) was applied to 620 prospective teachers. However, during the adaptation study to Turkish, it was observed that the items were distributed to 8 factors and the item distribution was not suitable for the factor structure. For this reason, some items in the scale have been removed and new items have been written. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyzes were performed for validity and reliability analysis of 15 items. Data were collected from 346 prospective teachers for the validity and reliability analysis of the scale. The KMO value was calculated to determine the suitability of the data set for factor analysis, and the value found was .888 showed that it was suitable for exploratory factor analysis. According to the exploratory factor analysis findings, the scale consists of 3 factors and 15 items. It could be argued that the scales are reliable since the factor analysis conducted in the study pointed that the scale had three factor structure. Within the context of confirmatory factor analysis, the scale was analyzed for compliance with alternative fit indices. It can be argued that the obtained values are compatible with the proposed acceptance breakpoints and therefore the three-factor structure of the WFS is confirmed.


Writing, Fedeedback, language equivalence, exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis

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