Possibilities and Limits of the Normative Discourse in Translation Theory: An Attempt at a Philosophical Questioning
Möglichkeiten und Grenzen des normativen Diskurses in der Translationstheorie: Versuch einer philosophischen Infragestellung

Author : Rahman AKALIN
Number of pages : 177-187


In an unconstrained way, the word ‘translation’ suggests that it is primarily a practice area rather than a research area. If the phenomenon of translation is reduced to a level of concrete reality beyond the theoretical studies, it points to a living space, in other words, to the world of translation, which finds and corresponds to existence in daily life. This perception is partly carried to the translation studies, and beclouds the boundaries of the concept of theory in terms of the field of translation studies, and obscures the obligations of the theoretical sphere. In this study, while it will be tried to be determined by a boundary descriptive method between the theory and practice area in terms of translation studies as a research field, the normative tendency in the translation theories as a basic goal, in other words, guiding anxiety will be problematized with examples and this attitude will be evaluated in the light of the criteria of the philosophy of science.


Translation theory, normativity, philosopy of science, science theory, descriptivity.

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