Measurement and Evaluation of the Development Status and Ability of Using Speaking Skills as a Communication Competence Area
İletişimsel Yeterlik Alanı Olarak Konuşma Becerisinin Gelişim Durumunun ve Kullanım Yetkinliğinin Ölçülüp Değerlendirilmesi

Author : Ali GÖÇER
Number of pages : 25-43


The most important indicator of the ability to use language effectively is the success of individuals in communication with their environment. Communication is the work of sharing the thought, the emotion experienced, any event, phenomenon or situation with the body or by using certain tools, speech and writing with the other party. Although the written expression is different from the point of view of human and society, its function and value are different verbal expression / speaking is the most basic skill in communication with practical use possibilities with the support of hand, arm and head movements, eyebrow, eyes, mouth and face movements within the dynamism of life. Speaking skills that have important functions in terms of human and society is also of great importance determining the use cases of this skill in the process of bringing individuals to education. In this regard, it is necessary to determine the gaining status of students in speaking skills by including measurement and evaluation applications as well as learning activities in educational processes. In this context, the aim of the study is to emphasize the measurement tools and assessment methods that can be used in determining the competencies they have and the competencies they exhibit in acquiring, developing and using speaking skills. For this purpose, some information is given about some measurement tools that can be used in the evaluation of speaking skill, especially the preparation and use of graded scoring keys.


language education, speaking skills, measurement and evaluation

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