A Research on The Factors Affecting The Professional Motivation of French Teacher Candidates
Fransızca Öğretmen Adaylarının Mesleki Motivasyonunu Etkileyen Faktörler Üzerine Bir Çalışma

Author : Füsun SARAÇ -Artun ATMACA
Number of pages : 217-234


Motivation is the individual driving force for to take action. There are many factors that can give rise to this power. The presence of factors that affect motivation positively or negatively plays an important role in the formation of ourself. The sources of motivation make us feel the desire and desire we need to achieve our goals. On the other hand, situations that disrupt our motivation represent the obstacles that come before us on the way to the target we want to achieve. In this study, the effect of motivation on prospective teachers was investigated. Prospective teachers; It is aimed to determine the factors that affect motivation status before performing their profession. In this research, it is a qualitative study covering the last year students of Marmara University French Language Teaching department. In this study, case science pattern was used. It is aimed to identify situations that increase and disrupt the internal and external motivations of teacher candidates. In this study, e-mail data collection tool was used on qualitative research methods on the internet. The questions prepared before the interview showed flexibility according to the answers of the participants. In the research method which was composed of 10 pre-service teachers of the study group, internal-exogenous situations were determined which increased and disrupted the motivation of the pre-service teachers. Frequency values were given according to the frequency of the judgements of the study in which the motivational situations were grouped according to the expressions of the participants.


Motivation, professional motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, relationship between teacher candidates and motivation

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