Methods about the Grammar Used in Cultural Elements of Turkmen Folk Tales
Türkmen Halk Masallarına Ait Kültürel Unsurları Çevirmede Kullanılan Gramerle İlgili Yöntemler

Author : Maral Kuliyeva
Number of pages : 472-480


Fairy tales are one of the most important products of oral literature that carry the life and traditions of the societies to the present. Besides, fairy tales play an important role in transferring other value judgments of the society to future generations. Turkish fairy tales are the most effective means of telling listeners that good people win, bad people lose and punish, even if they are told for fun or having a good time. Fairy tales have their own language, and there are some points to consider when translating or translating this (source) language into another language. The aim here is both to preserve the language structure of the original text and to convey the enthusiasm, mysteriousness and cultural features in the text as it is. Turkmen folk tales; The vocabulary has different characteristics in terms of style and grammar. As it is known, Turkmen folk tales; It is a literary genre that is continuous in terms of stories and can attract the attention of readers due to its enthusiasm. In this study, examples of fairy tales translated from Turkmen folk tales into English will be examined and the methods used in these translations will be discussed. These methods include Grammatic Filling (Substitution of Grammar Units), Dessury sections (Special Explanations), Grammatic arhaisms (Grammar Archaysms), Atributiw syntaxes (Atributive Completions), Explicitism (Special Structural Change), Grammatic assumptions (Grammatical Related). Repeats). Cultural methods belonging to Turkmen folk tales will be handled together with examples of translation methods used not only at the lexical level but also at the grammar level.


Turkmen, fairy tales, methods, tale translation


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