An Additional Language Support for the Improvement of Foreign Language Competence in the Undergraduate Programmes Offering Academic Translation Education: The Case of Translation and Interpreting Department at Sakarya University
Akademik Çeviri Eğitimi Veren Lisans Programlarına Yabancı Dil Edincini Geliştirmeye Yönelik Dil Modülü Eklentisi: Sakarya Üniversitesi Mütercim Tercümanlık Bölümü Örneği

Author : Seda KOÇLU -Şaban KÖKTÜRK
Number of pages : 68-79


It is possible to say that gaining translation competence, which is one of the main purposes of academic translation education, also involves gaining many sub- competencies. Language competence has great importance in the field of translation teaching. The knowledge of a foreign language is a prerequisite for those who want to study translation. Based on the problematic that students enter the department without the sufficient knowledge of a foreign language and the student profile as a result of this situation, Sakarya University Translation and Interpreting Department needed a new additional module and made some improvements on their curriculum. The purpose of this study is to carry out a descriptive study on the ‘Integrated Language Education’ module, which was put into practice by Sakarya University Translation and Interpreting Department as of the 2019-2020 academic year. In the study, the council minutes and the teaching plan were examined with the document analysis method and a comparison was made between the old and new plan. Pre-module and post-module changes were hereby detected. Subsequently, these changes were evaluated in terms of foreign language teaching. Besides, positive and negative aspects were discussed within the framework of academic translation teaching, and some suggestions were made to measure the functionality of the module.


Academic Translation Education, Translation, Foreign Language Competence, Program Development.