Aims and Scope

International Journal of Languages’ Education and Teaching (IJLET) is a blind peer reviewed journal which is published online. It publishes original academic studies only.

IJLET provides an outlet for research which advances our understanding of Languages, Literature and Education disciplines. It publishes articles that deal with the theory and practice.

The journal includes papers that are interdisciplinary in nature including English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Turkish And Other Languages' and Literatures' Education As Both Native, Second And Foreign, Language Curriculum, Teacher Training, Teacher Education And Professional Development, Classroom Practices, Foreign Language Learning/Teaching At All Levels, Material And Textbook Design In Language Teaching, Language Teaching Policies Of Specific Countries, Comparative Language Studies Between And Among Countries, Multilingualism And Multiculturalism, New Technologies In Language Education, Translation, Pedagogical Techniques, Language Teaching For Specific Purposes, Classroom-Centered Research, Testing And Evaluation, Language And Culture, Cognition, And Pragmatics, Language Teaching And Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, European Studies, Government Policy, Philosophy, Statistics and any other topic which can be related to Language and Literature’s Education and Teaching.

The aims of International Journal of Languages’ Education and Teaching are; 

* to disseminate the latest thinking and research about Language, Literature and their Education all over the world,

* to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars,

* to be indexed by more databases and indexes and to provide researchers easy and unlimited access by Open Access System feature,

* to enhanced citation rates of the articles as increasing extensity of published articles on IJLET via Open Access System, databases, indexes and doi number.

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