Aims and Scope

International Journal of Languages’ Education and Teaching (IJLET) is a double-blind peer reviewed journal which is published online. IJLET publishes original academic studies only that deal with the theory and practice. IJLET welcomes only original and not-published-elsewhere works. 

IJLET provides a forum for the discussion of recent topics and issues in language, literacy and translation which have an immediate bearing upon thought and practice in education. Articles draw important and well-communicated implications from their subject matter for one or more of the following: policy, curriculum, pedagogy or evaluation in language education.

The task of the IJLET is to encourage language specialists and researchers in language in education and educational linguists to organise and present their material in such a way as to highlight its educational implications, thereby influencing educational theorists and practitioners and leading to improved educational outcomes for students.

Articles are welcomed concerning all aspects of language education in the language of the country, society, or educational system in question. This includes mother tongue and second language education, issues related to immersion education, content-based language teaching, CLIL, bi/multilingualism, new technologies in language education, testing and evaluation in language teaching, tranlation and interpretation education, and medium-of-instruction.

The aims of International Journal of Languages’ Education and Teaching are; 

* to disseminate the latest thinking and research about language education all over the world,

* to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars,

* to be indexed by more databases and indexes and to provide researchers easy and unlimited access by Open Access System feature,

* to enhance citation rates of the articles as increasing extensity of published articles on IJLET via Open Access System, databases, indexes and doi number.