How do I submit my paper to IJLET?

Authors can submit their work only online to submission system.

Where can I find the template used for initial submission of papers?

IJLET’s journal template can be found in the publication guidelines section

What type of file format is acceptable?

Only MS Word format is acceptable.

What kind of papers will be rejected without review?

Duplicate submissions and papers without proper formatting will be automatically rejected.

Who is responsible for the content of a paper?

All authors named on the paper are responsible fort the content of a submitted manuscript or published paper.

How long does the publication review process last?

It is anticipated that the publication review process of the studies submitted to IJLET be completed in 3 months. However, the period during which editors or reviewers ask the author(s) to do editing and the author(s) complete the editing is not included in this time frame.

Is there any fee for IJLET?

IJLET claims no fees for article submission, proccesing and printing. For this reason, IJLET is non-profit journal and has no source of in income

How to check my paper in terms of plagiarism? 

In accordance with its publishing policies, IJLET oblige each study that has undergone the "Blind Review Process" to be detected for plagiarism to protect the integrity of the study. Therefore, both Turkish and English copies of the study must be detected for plagiarism by a company chosen by the editorial board before reviewing process. Incurring fees are paid by the author(s) to the company

What are the publication languages? 

Publication language of IJLET is both English and Turkish. Manuscripts can be submitted in Turkish or English. The submitted manuscript should comply with the grammar rules and the related scientific literature.

After the acceptance of the manuscript, the final copy should be submitted in both languages. Submitted final copies are checked by the language editors (English and Turkish) of IJLET. Language editors may request a proofreading in case of insufficiency. Proofreading should be made by accredited language institutions. The author(s) are responsible for the submission of the muniment.

What is the indexing status of IJLET?

IJLET has been included by international indexes and databases such as MLA, EZB, ROAD, Google Scholar, Sobiad etc.