Target Focused Approach In Translation: On Georgian Translation of Sabahattin Ali’s Novel
Çeviride Erek Odaklı Yaklaşım: Sabahattin Ali’nin

Number of pages : 337-343


Sabahattin Ali is one of the important writers and poets of Turkish Literature in the Republican Period. Sabahattin Ali's novel “Madonna in a fur coat” was first published in 1940 under the title “Büyük Hikaye” in the newspaper “Hakikat” in 48 chapters and published in 1943 by the Remzi Bookstore. The works of Sabahattin Ali have been translated into many languages. “Madonna in a fur coat” was included in the "Modern Classics" series of British Publisher Penguin at the beginning of 2016, and was translated into English for the first time in 1973 by Maureen Freely and Alexander Dawe under the Modern Classics Series of Penguin Publishing. It has also been published in German (Dörlemann), French (Le Serpent a Plumes), Russian (Ad Marginem Press), Croatian (Hena Com), Arabic (Sphinx) and Albanian (Shkupi); Spanish (Salamandra), Italian (Scritturapura), Dutch (Verlag Van Gennep) versions are being prepared. In this study, the translation of Sabahattin Ali's novel" Madonna in a fur coat" by Georgian Turcologist Dr. Nana Canaşia into the translation titled "მადონა ბეწვის მანტოში/Madona Betsvis Mantoşi" in 2017 will be focused in a comparative text analysis with target focused approach and there will be an attempt to present suggestions for translation of texts. This study has an important place in the comparison of original text to translation text with target focused approach. In particular, the translation of the work by the translator and the use of his own specific interpretation for the translation of the text determine the main subject of the research.


Translation, target language, Georgian, Sabahattin Ali, Turkish.


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