The Use of Emojis in Teaching Turkish to A1 Level Learners
Yabancılara Türkçe Öğretiminde A1 Seviyede Emojilerden Faydalanma

Author : Demet KARDAŞ
Number of pages : 236-247


Nowadays when technology is developing fast, smartphones have become an indispensable, essential means of communication for people from almost all age groups, all levels of education and all socio-economic groups. In this new system, which does not only enable communication by means of speaking, text messaging on social media such as (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Viber) has become a preferable means of communicating. The meaningful – colorful – picture language, which is known in every part of the world under the name ‘’emoji’’ that has been formed by combining the Japanese words ‘’e’’, meaning ‘’picture’’, and ‘’moji’’, meaning ‘’character’’, is spreading fast. Instead of writing to express their feelings and affection or writing simple sentences and formulaic expressions, people use emojis. In addition to expressing personal needs, emojis have introduced an almost universal, accessible communication system with hundreds of emojis such as flags, celebrations, entertainment, sports, weather conditions, animals, food and drinks, countries, professions, planets and horoscope signs. This new system facilitates the teaching of a foreign language, the teaching techniques of which require the use of technology and visual elements. In teaching Turkish to non-native learners, visual elements, shapes, illustrations and photographs are frequently used, especially at A1 level. This study specifies how to benefit from using emojis related to words that represent professions and feelings and emojis related to daily greetings and formulaic expressions of wishes in teaching vocabulary to A1 level learners of Turkish through writing and speaking activities, and gives examples of practices that have already been implemented. It is considered that the study will contribute to the teaching of Turkish to learners.


Teaching Turkish to foreigners, emoji, teaching vocabulary, writing and speaking activities.


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