The Evaluation of Workflow on Virtual Translation Platforms within the Framework of Translational Action Theory: The Case of Website Web Sitesi Örnekleminde Sanal Çeviri Platformlarındaki İş Akışının Çeviri Eylemi Kuramı Çerçevesinde Değerlendirilmesi

Author : Halil İbrahim BALKUL - Duygu ÖZLEM TOPTAN
Number of pages : 222-235


Functional translation theories have carried the reality of translation phenomenon beyond the linguistic purposes and provided a new point of view to both translation sector and academia. Functional translation theories are observed to be the most convenient theories describing the workflow in the current translation sector; however, it is seen that these theories fail to mention translation technologies directly. Despite the fact that these theories do not mention about translation technologies at terminology level, critical readings on these theories imply assistive translation tools and this situation forms the basis for the research in translation technologies field. The developments taking place in translation technology research field at an unprecedented pace necessitate the issue to be tackled at theoretical level. In the current paper, by taking the reflections of technological developments in Translation Studies, Translational Action Theory, is re-interpreted and the applicability of the theory on the workflow of web site, which is one of the virtual translation platforms, is questioned and different aspects related to translators and translation workflow in Translational Action Theory and web site are detected. Although the sample of this research is limited to website, the obtained reflections can be adapted to other virtual translation platforms. The further research related to the topic might provide more overarching data to the field.


Translation technologies, Translational Action Theory, cooperation model, virtual translation platforms,


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